We Offer Oral DNA Testing with The Oravital System

We Offer Oral DNA Testing with The Oravital System

Did you know that a trip to the Dentist could actually save your life? Many people think of a visit to the Dentist as a way to control cavities. But the benefits of oral exams go far beyond this. Dentists also use specialized protocols like Oral DNA tests to identify oral pathogens that can cause cancer, heart disease, strokes, and diabetes. As The Woodlands’ trusted dentist and dental care team, we strive to integrate this holistic approach into everything we do. Preventative measures like Oral DNA testing, oral cancer screen, and treatment via the Oravital® System can be used to inhibit the onset of disease and protect your whole health.

What Is Oral DNA Testing?
Oral DNA Testing is a potentially life-saving medical intervention. It allows for the early detection of oral pathogens that cause gum disease and can lead to potentially fatal diseases such as cancer.

Thanks to science, we now know there is a direct correlation between the state of your mouth and the health of your whole body. If left unchecked, harmful bacteria in your mouth can get out of control. Eventually, they can enter your bloodstream and affect other bodily systems, which may lead to life-threatening diseases.

Dr. Pickett uses bacterial Oral DNA testing to identify the specific bacteria that cause gum disease and can contribute to systemic diseases like heart problems, dementia, kidney disease, and cancer. The specific test that Dr. Pickett uses is the OraVital® test.

Pickett Dentistry at Alden Bridge has been certified to dispense the OraVital® System. The OraVital® System is both a testing and treatment protocol for addressing oral pathogens. It can be used to prevent oral diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis, and halitosis as well as other bodily diseases such as oral cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, Osteoarthritis, and more.

Benefits of the Oravital® System
Oral DNA testing through an Oral DNA Laboratory has many benefits. It allows us to become aware of the specific bacteria that are present in your mouth and create a treatment plan that is customized for you.

Oral Cancer Screening
We can combine Oral DNA Tests with physical exams to effectively screen our patients for oral cancer. During your exam, Dr. Pickett will check your lymph nodes, lips, cheeks, mouth, tongue, and throat for lesions and signs of concern. We can then use the OraVital® test to identify harmful bacteria. If infections or oral pathogens are present, we can use the OraVital® System to restore your mouth to a healthy state.

Gum Disease Prevention
We can also use the OraVital® System to detect and treat gum disease while it is in early stages. Dr. Pickett will swab various areas of your mouth to obtain a sample that will be used for microbial analysis. This sample will be sent to an Oral DNA Lab for testing. Based on the results, Dr. Pickett may prescribe specific antibiotic rinses, creams, or antimicrobial rinses to control infection and eliminate harmful bacteria.

Have Questions About Oral DNA Testing?
Dr. Zelina Pickett, DDS is skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases. Dr. Pickett can answer any questions you may have about Oral DNA Testing. Contact our office by calling (832) 585-0330 today.

  • On October 15, 2022