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Pickett Dentistry at Alden Bridge is proud to be the trusted source for Family and General Dentistry in The Woodlands. Dentist Dr. Zelina Pickett, DDS works with skill and devotion to provide a wide range of oral health services and is experienced in treating patients of all ages.


Good dental health is beautiful and looks great on everyone. At Pickett Dentistry at Alden Bridge, we know the appearance of your smile is important to you and impacts your confidence, health, and quality of life.


If you are missing one or more teeth and would like to smile, speak and eat again with comfort and confidence, there is good news! Dental implants are teeth that can look and feel just like your own. Dr. Pickett offers custom-tailored solutions and will advise you on the best options.


We offer comprehensive preventative dentistry and gum care in The Woodlands. Dentist Dr. Zelina Pickett, DDS works to proactively educate our patients on ways to care for their teeth and gums.


Pickett Dentistry at Alden Bridge offers individualized, patient-focused care for patients suffering from Sleep Apnea in The Woodlands. Dr. Zelina Pickett, DDS has been practicing dentistry since 2016 and has helped numerous patients improve their sleep quality.


Dentist Dr. Zelina Pickett, DDS can treat TMJ conditions affecting the jaw, jaw joints, bite, and chewing muscles and has helped numerous patients obtain relief from their TMJ symptoms.

Patient Testimonial

I recently visited Dr. Pickett after cracking my front tooth. The whole situation was funny and slightly embarrassing (who gets so excited about food that they bite into their fork?) but it made me incredibly self conscious to say the least.

The experience was perfect. The repair was done flawlessly; It was completely painless, and fairly quick. I am super happy with Dr. Pickett and will be continuing my dental care with her. I would recommend her to anyone.

Kleber Pita

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If you’re looking for a great dental team in The Woodlands, we would love the opportunity to meet you. We are committed to providing exceptional dental care and empowering our patients with information about their dental health and wellness. Call us today at (832) 585-0330 to schedule your appointment.